Founded on the ambitions of Emperor Babur who reigned for just four years, the Mughal Empire soon flourished into a vast kingdom, renowned for its glittering wealth and beautiful architecture.

Under Emperor Akbar, a country previously wracked with internal conflict and religious friction was largely united. At its peak, nearly all of India was under Mughal control.

Rich in goods, jewels and the refined arts, the Mughal Empire attracted the eye of trading Europeans - a relationship which, by the end of the eighteenth century, had begun to crumble.

Mughal India is an online learning resource for students aged 11 - 14. Topics covered include: Taj Mahal, Islamic architecture, miniture paintings, warfare, arts and crafts. The site also provides a 'Staff Room' with lesson plans and classroom activities for teachers.

Hidden within a museum's student room is a wealth of visual and textual resources about Mogul India. By clicking on the interactive elements in the room, children can build up their knowledge of Moghul India. Types of resources include: museum objects, original sources, original prints and drawings, 3D models and games.